Sample blog for an independent coffee shop

A sample blog article for a coffee shop

Client: An independent coffee shop

Brief: A blog of between 150 and 350 words on the theme of healthy eating


Healthy alternatives to sugar

Feel like eating more healthily this summer? Research suggests that one way to do this is by eating less sugar. Since 1990 consumption of sugar in the UK has gone up by 31%, with the average person in the UK now consuming more than 500 grams of sugar per week. So what can we do to reduce the amount of sugar we eat? One way is to explore the wide range of sugar alternatives available – most of these taste very similar to sugar and are likely to be better for you.

Perhaps the most obvious sugar alternative is Honey. This naturally occurring substance contains very few calories, has antibacterial properties and is ideal for baking cakes as it holds moisture for longer. Plant extracts are the source of natural alternatives Stevia and Xylitol – Stevia contains no calories and is made from the leaves of the Stevia plant while Xylitol occurs naturally in many living things and contains 40% fewer calories than sugar, while offering a similar taste.

Fruit and Corn syrups are used to produce Fructose and Dextrose – Fructose can be used as a sugar replacement in the form of fruit puree, for example, while Dextrose is favoured by athletes because it does not convert into Glycogen in the body. Alternatively you could try the more inventive options – Coco Palm Sugar and Brown Rice syrup. Both of these are said to impact blood sugar levels in a more favourable way than sugar.

To get yourself started on the path to healthy eating, why not try substituting sugar for one of these alternatives in your favourite recipe? Try replacing each tablespoon of sugar required with ¼ teaspoon of powdered Stevia extract (between 6 and 9 drops when using the liquid form). More guidance can be found online, along with a range of recipes using healthy sugar alternatives.

Happy cooking!

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