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I was asked to write new web content for Magpie ANPR, an innovative parking management company which specialises in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology. Magpie’s parking systems use ANPR scanning to identify vehicles as they enter and leave a car park. I was asked to ensure the copy was optimised for a list of agreed keywords, in order to improve search rankings.


Magpie ANPR are the UK’s only ANPR-focussed parking management company. Unlike our competitors, we believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy of ANPR technology, and its potential to revolutionise the process of parking management. We have been providing ANPR-focussed, revenue-maximising parking management solutions to our clients for the past 10 years. Our income generation services include pay and display, pay-by-phone and permit management solutions.

Magpie ANPR provides parking management solutions for clients nationwide. Because ANPR technology is central to everything we do, we cover the initial cost of installing these systems on our client’s sites, eliminating an otherwise sizeable capital outlay. As ANPR is a relatively new technology, we’ve included some information on it below. If you have a parking location, or would like to discuss our services further, we’d love to hear from you – please get in touch.

What is Parking Management?

Car park or parking management is the process of organising and running a parking location, usually with the aim of generating revenue.

What is a Parking Management System?

A parking management system is a process or technology implemented to ensure the efficient functioning of a parking location.

What is ANPR?

ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a technology which uses optical character recognition to quickly read and identify vehicles, according to their number plates.

Who We Are

In today’s uncertain economic climate, maximising revenue is key. At Magpie ANPR, we combine advanced parking system technology with highly efficient parking management. The end result? Increased revenue for our clients. It’s that simple.

We understand that parking locations are valuable assets, which need to be managed in the most cost-effective, responsible and lucrative way possible. That’s why we have designed our business around a system that can do just that – Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR. Our dedicated team are committed to offering the highest standards of service and are ready to assist clients at every step of the parking management process, from initial enquiry to full management of parking locations. Our project management is completely transparent and we endeavour to be open with our clients about what we can deliver in any given situation. We also aim to keep the channels of communication open with our clients at all time, as we believe this results in better relationships. If you’d like to find out more about our services, please get in touch.

Our Mission Statement

At Magpie ANPR, our mission is simple. We aim to provide the best possible parking management services to our clients. As part of this mission, we strive to offer our clients the most efficient solutions, which maximise the income generating potential of their parking locations.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do at Magpie ANPR, they are:

Clients: We prioritise our clients above everything else. We will do everything possible to keep our clients happy.

Passion: We are passionate about what we do, this passion drives us to achieve results for our clients.

Technology: We’ve built our business around technology and it’s crucial to what we do. We aim to stay ahead of technological advances within our industry and pass the benefits of these advances on to our clients.

Community: We strive to operate in a positive and sensitive way in the communities which surround our managed parking locations.

Services: Pay and Display

Magpie ANPR’s pay and display systems are ideal if you’re looking to generate income from your parking location, while also controlling its use. We install the most respected pay and display systems in the industry, ensuring reliability, a consistent revenue stream, and round- the-clock accountability for your parking location.

Magpie ANPR caters for locations of all sizes and, subject to compliance with our qualifying site guidelines, we cover the cost of installation on all pay and display machines. All our management packages include full location management and 24-hour system maintenance. Our dedicated client-support team provide assistance at every stage of the process, from installation to management. We also offer a leasing option, allowing clients to lease their parking location to us on an annual basis. A great option if you’re looking for a hands-off income generation solution for your site.

Why not contact us today, to find out more about our unique pay and display services.

Our Services: Pay-by-Phone

At Magpie ANPR, we’re pleased to provide pay-by-phone systems to our clients. Pay-by- phone systems have a variety of benefits. They avoid the need for costly equipment installation, enabling time-efficient start-up of new parking locations. Such systems are also ideal for smaller locations or a small volume of designated parking bays.

Pay-by-phone systems also have many advantages for customers. Such systems avoid the need for customers to carry cash, decreasing the chances of customers leaving a location because they have no cash on them. Pay-by-phone services also allow customers to store their payment details, allowing regular visitors to quickly and easily pay for their parking. Pay-by-phone services are also very secure, with customer details stored confidentially. If you are on the lookout for a parking payment solution that allows you to begin generating income from your location almost immediately, then our pay-by-phone parking is the system for you.

Pay and Display with ANPR

One of our most popular products, pay and display with ANPR allows instant number plate recognition of any vehicle that has not paid, or exceeded the time limit. At Magpie ANPR, we have seen the introduction of such systems increase revenue by up to 30% in certain locations. The fully automated pay and display with ANPR system removes the need for drivers to display a ticket and is rapidly replacing all previously used systems. Pay and Display with ANPR is the ultimate solution for maximising income generation at your parking location. In certain locations, the operation of this system also removes the need for staffing.

Our pay and display with ANPR system allows drivers to pay on exit and enables a range of other benefits including pre-payment solutions, touch screens, revenue rebate options and statistical data relating to car park usage. These systems can be solar powered, saving money and benefiting the environment. Offending vehicles can be identified quickly using the DVLA’s registered keeper database and penalties issued accordingly. Get in touch with Magpie ANPR today to discuss how our pay and display with ANPR systems can help you maximise revenue at your location.

Our Services: ANPR Parking Control

The implementation of ANPR enforcement technology is quickly becoming the preferred solution for parking control. This technology allows parking control to be automated, avoiding the need for staffed patrols and therefore eliminating the possibility of potential on-site confrontations. Our systems will identify any unauthorised vehicles using your location or those which have exceeded the maximum stay period. Vehicles in breach of your location conditions will then be issued with a penalty charged notice via post. ANPR parking enforcement technology also allows round-the-clock monitoring, eliminating lost revenue during quieter hours, which can occur with non-ANPR sites.

Find out more about how our ANPR parking control and parking enforcement services can help you maximise income generation in your parking location.

Our Services: Patrol Services

Magpie ANPR offer a range of parking control and enforcement services at your location. Our parking managers are trained to the highest standards. Our team of parking control attendants have a friendly and positive nature, and are selected from a wide range of applicants. Our attendants pride themselves on having a well-presented and professional appearance. Magpie ANPR offers a variety of management packages, each tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Get in touch with Magpie ANPR today to find out more about our parking control and enforcement services.

Areas we Cover

Magpie ANPR provides pay and display systems to millions of motorists annually, across the UK. Our clients include leisure centres, retail parks, hospitals, service stations hotels and private land owners. Please get in touch to find out how our parking management solutions can maximise revenue at your location.