Helping service personnel transition to civilian life: the work of Direct Transitioning Help

Logo for Direct Transitioning Help

I have recently started working with Gemma Gardner of Direct Transitioning Help (DTH) – a not for profit foundation, with a mission to assist service personnel in transitioning out of the armed forces and into civilian life. I have very much enjoyed working with Gemma and understanding more about a really important issue, faced by thousands of men and women in the armed forces. Gemma is passionate about helping service personnel and their families prepare for life after the forces. This passion stems from Gemma’s own experiences, having served for more than 15 years in the army, and reaching the rank of Sergeant. The work of DTH is particularly relevant at the moment, as the issue of transition grows in importance. The importance of transition has begun to be recognised by the government and Ministry of Defence. In 2014, Lord Ashcroft, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, published the Veterans’ Transition Review. The report concluded that “transition is important for the Armed Forces and society as a whole, not just the individual.” A separate report by the Forces in Mind Trust in 2013 came to a similar conclusion. Gemma and the DTH team have begun working with service personnel at 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment at Weeton Barracks in Preston, through a series of workshops. These sessions offer advice from a range of professionals on all aspects of preparing for civilian life. DTH have exciting plans for the future too, with a range of projects in the pipeline, all aimed at raising awareness and support for this vital issue.

In addition for writing a detailed business plan for Gemma and the DTH team, I have also recently completed an article promoting the organisation. You can read it here.

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